This function enables you to create thumbnails for use in Conbuilder (or Route Riter’s own Consist Editor) enablinmg you to get a screenshot of the model you are selecting. You will require Route_Riter 6.3.52 or higher!

Let’s Get Started

  1. Open Route_Riter.Right-click on the CON button (arrow #1) in image below:
    Left-click on the E/W button (arrow #2) in image below:

tn_cb_1.jpg - 99kb

2. Click on the “List Filtered Files” button (arrow #3 above):

3. After a few seconds of frantic activity, you will see a screen that looks something like this below: click on the arrowed button “Select All”:

tn_cb_3.jpg - 131kb

4. After a few seconds, all the files have been selected. Click on the arrowed button “Make thumbnails of .ENG and .WAG files” (see image below).

Route_Riter will now start making thumbnails of each model naming them the same as its parent ENG or WAG file, taking 2-4 seconds per model as Shape Viewer briefly flashes up on the screen creating each image.

If there is a FreightAnimation tag in the ENG or WAG file, it will be added to the thumbnail view as well:

tn_cb_4.jpg - 137kbAllow the process to finish. You can check the progress of the process by watching the number of selected files decrease as each eng/wag file is processed:

tn_cb_7.jpg - 80kb

You will know when it’s finished because SV will stop flashing images on the screen and the “total Number of Selected Files” is zero.

5. If Route_Riter encounters an existing JPG, it will stop and ask you what to do……….

tn_cb_5.jpg - 13kb

6. Once finished, you will be able to preview your consist as you build it in Conbuilder (click on the “Preview” button for a consist display):

tn_cb_6.jpg - 13kb

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